TTL: Siliguri I

Hey there,
If you have checked my recent posts, you would know that currently am at Siliguri. Its a town within the state of West Bengal which is the passage to the 7 sister states of the North-Eastern states of India. There are hills, tea gardens lined around this place, and a cool-ish weather all round the year. And, I was born here too!

Anyway, this place provided me with perfect opportunities to try out the street photography skills. As I soon found out, the people here are happy to get clicked and even happier when you show the photo. As with most places in India, the ladies are a tad camera shy and, unless you know her well enough, no point pushing it. So here are my shots.

The buds are in for the Mango season!


The narrow gauge line from Siliguri to Darjeeling


Taking a break!


Waiting for customers


Eggs ๐Ÿ˜€ Lots of em!


Marble carving!


Marble carving II



Few more shots of the compilation coming up soon!

Stay tuned!


Reset: Start a new life!

Do you feel sometimes, that this life, the one you have right now is somewhat dull, somewhat boring, and you would really want to have a reset button? I do! I mean, I did! What changed, what made me reconsider, read on! And…if you manage to read till the end, there’s a photo and a nice video waiting too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Post my schooling and I had three paths open, Engineering, Medical and BA in English. For the B.A, I was interested, it was my second choice, with preference to Engineering or Medicals. I managed to clear the entrances for BDS, not MBBS, and I wasnt ready to drop a year, so I took up Mechanical Engineering. I became a Mechanical Engineer.
Now, in the 4th year, placements loomed, and I felt, so what it’s an IT company, it pays fine, it’s a multinational too, it ll be fun! So…off I went away from my stream and I became a software tester, working on Mainframe systems!

For the ones, who are not familiar, I ll give a simple explanation. I changed from tuning engines and welding in the college workshop, sweating and greasy, to a formal clad, sitting in an air-conditioned office and basically checking computer programs if they work fine or not. It felt like a complete U-turn from what I had learnt and dreamt of doing. Anyway, it was my job, and I had to do it properly. I learnt programming too and I daresay, was good at it. I knew my job, and I knew how to do it well enough.
I used to pull overtime on the days that demanded it, and surprisingly I loved it. I loved the hectic schedule, the way we would live for the Friday and Saturday nights, how we would hate the Sunday nights and Monday mornings, I loved it all. What I didn’t like was the documentation and at times the repetitive stuffs we would need to do.
Maybe I was still on the “new job” high, but after 13 months of zooming through the office on chairs with wheels, I was getting restless.

This was when I decided, I need to reset my life to some time back. To a time from where I could pursue my stream again and not deviate much from it. This was, 6 months from now. I gave up my job, appeared for higher degree exams and got through to a Post Grad program in Project Engineering Management. That ll keep me in touch with my areas, and let me grow too. So, if everything goes fine, 4 months from now, I ll be at Pune, becoming a student again. But, hey…GATE results are around the corner too right ๐Ÿ™‚

India win against Pakistan in ICC WC2015

Hope you don’t need a reset button in your life, and if you do, lets hope you find it soon enough!

Out with the old, in with the new!! Check this out!

Check the details right here


TTL: Holi @ Siliguri

Last year, around this time, I was in Bangalore, with a bunch of colleagues who turned out to be close friends, smearing each other with colour and having fun. This year, am at my granny’s place, in the town where I was born, the gateway to the North East India, nestled at the foothillls of the Shivalik mountain ranges, Siliguri.

Anyway, its Holi again. The festival of colors and joy and fun. I missed my friends pretty much, and the only way I was going to suppress the feeling, was by going about making some photos! So, here goes, Holi, through my lens!

Pre Holi masks for sale!


This holi, a new hairdo ๐Ÿ˜›


To the next locality…




Decked up for the next round!


I like the peek!


Two face??



The last photo and the featured image, I couldnt find a model to try the shots on, so, I became the model and taught my aunt (Mummum) to shoot using a DSLR! A few trial and errors, yes, but after about an hour of training, she managed to get the focus correct and shoot straight! Good results I ll say!

Add some color to your page, show off your holi shots too!!


Orange it is!

Here’s to the weekly challenge, this week, its my favourite fruit, Orange.
Sadly though, the season has passed so, here are a few other orangy things i saw, liked and shot!

Reflection of the orange orb
The orange orb again
Earthen pot

So, what orange thing did you shoot?

Blatant Disregard

Once you are behind the lens for sometime, you get used to all kinds of subjects, the camera shy ones, the happy to be shot ones…and then the ones who make their intentions felt right away!!



This is rude, even by bird standards I feel :p

Keep shooting, cheers!!

Optimism, Hope…Love

Hi all,

We blog for a reason, or rather a host of reasons! It might be a way of self promotion, self-realization or simply a place to let go. My posts generally are more inclined towards the stories through photos. But then, I came by a campaign to write about the moments that has given me hope, optimism for the future! So, here it is, a tiny part of the grand story I call, my life.

We start, like most stories do, with a happy relationship and promises of better future. Trust me when I say this, things really did look very bright then. Time flew by, and the relationship lost its sheen. Stress developed and the veneer of perfection cracked and the rust began to creep in. Yes, things turned bad. Misunderstandings, ego clashes, harsh words, we had them all, and ultimately, we snapped. Almost 5 years of relationship was lost. I had heard that a break up could be tough, but never imagined how much tough it actually is, till I got the first hand experience. It was as if I was stuck in a dark phase, nothing seemed to be cheerful. Life actually appeared bland, devoid of colour and spice. Call me dramatic, but that was exactly what I had felt. Trapped, bogged down…lost!



It’s not as if I didn’t have friends to take my mind off the things. But, I always craved that tiny bit of “special” attention. Suggestions flowed in, the most common amongst ย them being socialize. I tried that too, met up with some people, tried making new friends, they didn’t help much though. We all have that one friend who knows what exactly will solve the problem, this time, it wasnt a “what”, rather a “who”. This, certain “who” turned out to be junior of mine. A year junior academically, but, as I soon found out,ย it didn’t matter at all!
Introductions were made, and friend requests were sent away. It was fun because, here was a lady, who has no prior idea of who I was and vice versa too. So, it all depended on what we posed as. We chose to be honest. I liked her. Liked the way she would answer my questions, counter question at times with very valid points. It became a habit to chat with her, no calls yet, I didn’t have her number and didn’t have the courage to ask it too. I would wait patiently in the evening, for her status to have a tiny glowing green orb beside her name, and we would chat. We became friends, and I found out that she was an accomplished person. College topper, excellent artist, gifted with the pencil in sketching, a vivid dreamer, superb imaginations and I found her beautiful. She was pretty no doubt, plus, I repeat, she was beautiful. There was something in her smile that would make me smile in the darker days too and the twinkle in her eyes, simply spell-binding.
You may wonder, where’s the optimism or hope? Well, if you have read till now, you must know that I totally adore this lady. It was a call from her, on my birthday, the first call from her, that was my sign. During our first conversation, we talked about the creative things she does. She had a list, and I didn’t have much to say. I remember her saying “go creative, ย you ll be happy”. Maybe I needed this push, or maybe I just needed her to give me the push. This was almost two years ago. Since then, I have picked up photography, followed by blogging, travelling solo, learning music and also a new language. She is still one of my best sources of inspiration and one of the parameters of my works is always, “Will she be impressed by this?” She is one of the closest friends I have and my photos bear her presence, and I feel that wont change in a long time to come. I still strive to impress her everyday. Now, we talk, chat, flirt, fight, love…care everyday!
I know you ll read this, so…here’s to you, You are simply amazing, and I owe you for making me shed my shell. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚



That call, was my ray of hope filling me with optimism for the future! Yours may be different, yours may just be thisย (

My photos have been sourced from here.

I ll sign off this post with a line from a movie I once watched….You tell me your story, and I ll tell you mine!
Lets share, lets care, lets grow together!!