I dont take selfies often, but when I do, they are a bit…shall we say….uncommon!!



I saw a similar photo while browsing through the internet, and creating this was not tough at all. Two separate images merged in photoshop, thats all. This is an example of Double Exposure though. Some cameras, the high end ones offer this function in body, others, like me, we merge. For perfection, ask someone to take the shot, selfies, can actually be a bit tricky 🙂

Happy Shooting. Cheers!!

April AtoZ Challenge: PH – Q: Quiet Release Mode

for Quiet Release Mode

I ll be truthful about it, I couldnt find any other describable photography related word with Q, so here goes. Quiet Release Mode is a shooting mode, available in Nikon DSLR bodies, not sure about the others though, which significantly reduces the sound of the shutter slap. It may be used in sensitive environments, such as in a museum, or when taking a close up of a sleeping beast maybe. It acts similar to the single shot mode, but is a bit slower too. In my camera, its the least used mode.



This is a part of April AtoZ Challenge. Letters upto P, can be found here!