TTL: Delhi I

Hi there all,

Am back from my solo trip from Delhi and Rajasthan, and let me begin by saying, it was simply amazing. I met some exceptionally awesome people from all corners of the world and different fields of work and upbringing. The common factor that gelled us together, wanderlust. For everyone reading this, go backpacking. If you havent done it yet, please do it. Pack a bag, set a destination, and just set off. Leave your worries, issues, emotional baggages, all behind, and just go!

My trip began at Delhi. I was scheduled to meet up with an old friend of mine at the Qutb Minar complex.

Qutb Minar


Unrusted Cast Iron Pillar



Off course I did a photo shoot of my friend and guide, Miss Mitra here, I wasnt going to give up such a nice opportunity at all. For the ones who plan a trip to this place, be advised, there are lots of photoshoot locations in the complex. You shall be happy.
During the shoot, a little over enthusiasm and extreme carelessness on my part rendered my phone’s screen cracked to pieces and hence useless. This saddened me enough that I lost interest in the Qutb, and we came back for the day.

Day 2, more photos, and some more tidbits, coming up soon. Stay tuned.