TTL: Jaisamer – Sam Sand Dunes

Now, for the final point of attraction of my Jaisalmer trip, the Sam Sand Dunes. These sand dunes are a part of the Thar desert, that exists on the western side of India. Dust storms, fine ever-shifting sand, camels and along with them, tourists, all are found in plenty here. Almost all the places to stay in Jaisalmer offer day and/or night trip. The day trip is generally made up of a trip to Bada Baagh, Kuldhara Village and wrapping up with sunset in the dunes. Camel ride charges extra. The camel safari kind, is the overnight type. Here you shall be picked up in the evening and watch the sunset and have a camel ride. Then you shall be escorted to camps set up within the dunes, have local food, enjoy folk dances, and then retire under the stars, within the tents. Next morning, they ll drop you back to your hotel.  The prices are negotiable, and it helps a lot if you have good rapport with your hotel owner.

Now, I give you, Sam Sand Dunes! Enjoy!

Sunset silhouette


The shape-shifting sand!




An advantage of going to this place, this hot, dry desert in the off season is, the lodging and entertainment, namely camel rides are immensely cheap. As per my driver, yes, I had a personal driver and an AC vehicle to myself for two days, the camels now would cost around  ₹200, I paid ₹300 though, while during the season, about August to March, they charge about ₹1500-2000 and still there are shortages for camels. Also, dune bashing on the Mahindra Thar is available. I was tempted, but they wouldn’t let me drive it, so…not interested.


My train at the dead of the night would take me to Jodhpur next. See you there, on the next post.