New Award :D

I shall begin with a huge thank you to Deeksha  and Arun for nominating for the Liebster award. It is really an honour. I apologize to Deeksha for not responding  sooner.

So, the answers to Deeksha…

1. Which is your favourite book?  The Immortals of Meluha

2. Describe yourself in three words. Curious, Dependable and Resolute.

3. Cat person or a dog person? Dog person, any day! But wont mind cuddling the kittens too :p

4. Who is your role model? My father for being sharp and calm. My mother for instilling the sense of right and wrong.

5. What is your ultimate goal in life? To be satisfied and be at peace with life (get the job that pays well, spend my life with my love, have a Labrador, have a Jeep/Thar…..) 

6. What are your hobbies? Photography, and talking to people, making them comfortable enough to be my models :p

7. Which is your dream travel destination? Loved the Andaman Islands, would go there times over.

8. If you could meet one person from the past, who would it be and why? Jiah Khan. She would be an awesome model.

9. Favourite movie? Eight Below.

10. Favourite quote/ proverb? I took the road less travelled, and that has made all the difference – Robert Frost

11. Favourite song/band? Yesterday once more – Karen Carpenter.

And now to answer Arun…

  1. Dream travel destination? Andaman Islands
  2. Preferred mode of transport? Self Driven car and walking
  3. Facepalm moment in any trips? To go to a monument to find it closed for the day
  4. Most beautiful place that you visited? Shillong
  5. Has traveling changed you? In what way?  Yes it has. It has taught me the importance of being able to gel with people and the power of a smile. A smile does open up a lot of avenues.
  6. Solo Trips or Friends group or Family trips? Why? Small group, max of 4 members, else solo. More the merrier works only while splitting the bill, otherwise, more clashes of opinions and indecisiveness.
  7. Have you ever thought of quitting job for travel? Will you do it? Thought, yup! Will I do it….dunno. Need the money to plan the future trips :p
  8. Have you Ever forgotten to carry a camera to a trip? What was your reaction? Nope, never done that mistake yet. Forgot a memory card though, had bought one immediately.
  9. What is your reaction when you see people posting every minute of their life on SM? Its a way to keep people informed of where they are. Loved ones worry less. I post regular updates to keep my mom from worrying a lot.
  10. Have you cancelled any travel plan last minute because something came up at work?  Reaction? Yes, had to. The reaction was a bit of sadness and the plan to go out the next weekend.

Thank the one who  has nominated you.
Answer the questions thrown at you as honestly as you can and make 10 questions of your own.
Nominate at least 5 members who you think are deserving the appreciation and go on spread the love. Let them know by commenting on their posts.

My questions..

  1. Travelling solo or in a group? Why?
  2. Backpacking or Luxury trips?
  3. Planned trips or spontaneous plans?
  4. Local food or food chains? Why?
  5. Do you take a guide or an audio guide or trust the internet?
  6. The hills or the oceans?
  7. Do you try out the adventure sports? Which ones have you done?
  8. Bikes or cars to travel around?
  9. DSLR/Point and shoot or Go-Pro and variants?
  10. Do you take a lot of selfies? Why and why not?

My nominees are:
1. Nimmi
2. Rutuja
3. Shreya
4. Subhashree 
5. Raksha
6. Soumya
7. Jasan

Feel free to use the following Image as your badge, for you have earned it for sure. Congratulations.