This post is to the few who have managed to take a break from the mundane monotony of the daily chores. Who have managed to break free from the routine. The ones who have managed to let go all inhibitions and fear and have managed to let themselves be engulfed in the amazing moment, that is NOW.
By me, nothing describes this liberation more than raising your hands up to the air to cheer for your favourite music as it is being played by an amazing DJ in a party.



Cheers, to music, to freedom!

A Sky Full Of Stars

So, the college wifi had gone AWOL on me and am too lazy to tether the cellphone to the laptop and use it, hence the long gap.
But, my dear reader, I have come with one last treat before I sign off and start studying seriously for the upcoming exams.
These shots, are from a local hill station, Lonavala, about 60kms off Pune. And…these have been shot at night.




Hope you like the shots. I ll be back, as and when time and internet access permits.

The colony of gulls

Anyone, who has visited the ghats of Varanasi, during the sunrise and the early morning, they might have seen the colony of gulls swimming flying and frolicking about. For the ones, who haven’t had the opportunity yet, have a look here.



Whats amazing is that these gulls respond to being called at for food.  For more shots of Varanasi, including some amazing evening Arati shots, click here.

With exams approaching at speeds faster than I would like them to, its time for me to scale back on the blogging and get studying….but not before I post the most recent trip I had to Lonavala. Night shots, shooting stars, blinking aeroplane lights and some more. Stay tuned.


The Sound of Music

There is something about music that manages to change our mood in a jiffy, no questions about that, and I dare speculate, that there is something about that DJ’s board, the headphones and the mixer, that manages to bring out the curiosity, every single time we see it. Here’s to curiosity, here’s to music.




The other side of her

Sometimes, we come across wonderful people who have the amazing ability to exhibit at least two completely contrasting personalities, depending on the location and surroundings.
Today, I share some shots of an extremely talented and very beautiful person who I feel happy to call my friend. She is the creative head of our current student council. Amazing person to be with and an excellent artist.
Parthivi, can be found running about the college on various creative assignments often and she always has a very serious “I mean business” look on her face. She knows how to get things done. So, when the photoshoot came up, honestly, a tiny bit of doubt existed in me as to how comfortable she ll be and how the shoot shall progress.
It took her few minutes at max to put all of my doubts to rest. Underneath that steely exterior of her, there is a very happy and bubbling with energy kind of a person and I was very happy to be able to capture that.
Here are some of the shots of this really amazing person.


 DSC_4403 DSC_4412

 DSC_4358 DSC_4443


A special thanks too to my brother, Mayukh for asking me to come along with you for this shoot and for helping with the long exposure shots too 🙂

The real and the copy

Eyes, are one of the most amazing of the many god gifted instruments to the mortals. And since we human beings are the curious and innovative kind, its just too much for us to not try making our own mechanical copies of it.

The original one


The mechanical one

The copy may not ever be better than the real one, but it sure as hell comes close to it 🙂


First line of defence

In the era of 5” plus sizes of screen of smartphones, having a screen guard is very common. Putting a tempered glass cover is also catching up steadily.

In the group of people, who use tempered glass, there are two kinds…
One, who throw the cover away when it breaks. Other, who do this….

Everything, when viewed under correct light, appears beautiful, even a shattered glass sheet.

Chasing the sun

There are some people out there who manage to greet the sun often, not me though. I wake up by the first rays of the sun, not before it though. So, when the plan to go greet the sun came up, it was too good to be passed over.

Before I tell you where I went to catch the sunrise, let me share some photos.




Now, honestly, tell me, what do you think, where am I? I ll share some more…






I can put a safe bet that a lot of you think that these have been shot at a hill station. Instead, the location is about 30 kms away from Pune. These shots are from the Singhagadh fort.
Located at the hill top at an altitude of about 1400mts above sea level, this served as a fort for the Maratha rulers. Now its a popular spot for weekend trips. Light treks and amazing natural beauty. Have a look at the rest.









Immense thanks to Aishwarya for waking up at 0500 and joining me for the trip along with his bike 🙂
Next up, some of the best portrait photos I have shot till date. Stay tuned. They ll be up shortly 🙂