5 directions for the Streets!

Street photography is always recognized as a challenging and equally rewarding venture. Its an adventure and often requires a certain skill to get the shots  right. It is difficult to put into words what shall make you a successful photographer on the streets, but practice and patience are a couple of sure shot ways to learn.

My experience in street photography has taught me a few things, which I would like to share here, which, I hope shall be of use to you , my dear reader.

  1. Be ready-
    It may sound very obvious, but is the first rule, nonetheless. Keep the lens cap off, the camera set in a probable setting, or be in a position to adjust on the fly and fire away. The opportunities present themselves at unexpected times, you must be ready.
  2. Keep an eye out-
    Look out for frames, people, settings which can be used to tell a story. Often, a nicely composed shot, can speak more than a thousand words.
  3.  Blend in-
    Try to blend in the crowd. Have a lens that is inconspicuous and is not cumbersome. I mean, yes, a 150-600 is an amazing lens, and can be used to isolate your subject effectively, but imagine using it right in the middle of a bazaar. People will actually be wondering if you are shooting them. The local police might be interested too. So, be realistic. Have a small, versatile lens on you. One that makes you comfortable, and doesn’t scare your subject away.DSC_8506-21
  1. Be discreet-
    There will be instances where you are better off not letting your subject know that they are being shot. Be at a distance, be camouflaged and shoot. You ll get the best shots if your subjects are in their natural environment.
  1. Be friendly-
    Have a smile on your face, and be ready to show the shots to your subjects. Do not creep your subjects out. Some may want to look at how they appeared, oblige them. Some might want not to be shot, heed them. If possible, ask for their permission if you really want the shot, and once you are done, show it to them. Often, they ll be ready to give you another shot, if the first one was not good enough.

    DSC_a-0259 DSC_a-3113

There shall be many missed shots, composition fails and angry glares too, but you ll have to skim them off and cope with the constraints, and once you manage to adjust, you ll see a whole world of opportunities opening up. Good luck.

The Season Now

We can often categorize our life’s phases into seasons. Sometimes its all hale and hearty, just like your favourite season, while sometimes, things are violent and stormy and grey.

As of today, I believe, my life has a bit of early morning mist.


The sunrise is on, and the clouds are dissipating, slowly!


And with time, sunrise shall kiss the leaves and things shall be better.


I feel, I am feeling the end of autumn and the beginning of spring right now. Its still chilly in the mornings and if care is not taken, one might catch cold, which stays on for quite sometime. The winds of change are blowing, all I ll need to do, is let the sails unfurl and take me to new destinations.

Cheers to looking forward, cheers to you 🙂

TTL: Mumbai

A couple of weekends earlier, with an amazing group of photographers from Pune, under the banner of Pune Photo Lovers, we went to Mumbai for a photowalk for a day.

The route was simple, from the CST to Gateway of India and back via the Leopold Cafe.

The 50 mm prime being the only lens with me, it was an amazing experience to restrict myself and work. Here are how the things looked once I came back and processed the photos.

DSC_8410-1 DSC_8453-9

DSC_8455-10 DSC_8467-13




The thing about street photography is that you need to keep the eyes wide open and be able to handle the camera fast enough. Missing a shot because the camera was not set right, is honestly a shame.

Keep shooting and keep practicing.


Times, they are a changing!!


TTL: Panchghani and Mahabaleshwar

What do you do when you have a whole day to yourself and are itching to take a break….you go on a trip.
Thats what we, 5 of us, did. We booked a car from a local self drive car rent company and off we went to a local hill station named Panchghani and then from there on to another station, Mahabaleshwar.

We started at the dead of the night at about 0200h and reached the vast table top expanses of Panchghani right on time for the sunrise.


Post admiring the sunrise, we had a photo session, kinda expected right, when there are two photogs in the same car :p



From there, the next stop was the Mapro Farms on the way to Mahabaleshwar. Strawberries and pizzas and chocolates, that was our brunch.


As we were about to leave, there was a rumble, a thunder and sets of gleaming chrome made their way  into the cafe and we were all awestruck.


Next up, was the Mahabaleshwar temple, and the surrounding viewpoints and finally the famous fort of Pratapgarh.





Finally, we were on our way back in the evening. In about ₹1000/person, we had an amazing trip.

Next trip….lets see 🙂