We went shooting…

I don’t recall what suddenly came on to us, and four of us clambered on two bikes and made our way to a nearby coffee shop. I had my camera on me, and the other three were quite happy to be my lab rats, I mean, my wonderful models.

The day was glum, wanted to have a shot of someone brooding, retrospecting….thinking… quite like this..

Man thinking with a cup of coffee

We managed some though…

Woman with a cup of coffee with focus on engagement ring

Man sitting with a cigarette in his hands happily looking forward to future


Girl sitting in a coffee shop thinking of past

Man sitting in a coffee shop with cigarette in hand thinking about past

Man stirring a cup of coffee looking forward to the future

Man stirring coffee thinking deeply

Man sitting at the coffee table smiling

But what we got mostly, was pure fun.

Girl playing with her hair and smiling

Girl peeking from behind a guy and smiling


Girl sitting looking pretty has a smile wearing a beanie

Girl stirring coffee has a smile on her face

Three friends sitting and laughing over a cup of coffee

Did I get good shots? Absolutely. Was it a fun time, hell yes! This is the advantage of shooting with friends, you can talk, laugh and fool around to your heart’s content and still get lovely photos!

This time, next year, we all would in places which are worlds apart. Each pursuing our career, chasing life goals, being happy. So, I ll take this opportunity, in my last post for 2016, to thank each one of you. You, my friends, my followers here and all my readers who have visited my site, Thank You, you are amazing!

Take care all, see you in the new year.


TTL: Ahmedabad over the weekend

A couple of weeks back, I was at Institute of Management, Nirma University, to take part in their annual fest. The location was at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I had never been to Ahmedabad, so I grabbed the opportunity and made my way there with a lot of anticipation.

My trip was for just a couple of days hence the exploration was negligible. What I did manage to do was take some shot at the fest and at a nearby temple.

The university had a stunt show organized a Delhi based group, Mototycoonz were performing. Good show I must say. Wheelies, stoppies, handle bar stands, burnouts…you get the drift. Have a look 🙂

Bikes stunt wheelie

Wheelie without holding handle bars

Bike stunt sitting on handle bars

Bike stunt stoppie

Bike Stunt

Bike stunt burnout tyres rubber smoke

Bike stunt stoppie

The next day, we were headed to the famous Swaminarayan Temple to shoot around the locality. A quite and clean locality and a well maintained temple premise. Abundance of Langoors, who are quite well behaved.

Pink kite strings maanja

Old lady selling carrots

Tea seller tasting tea before serving to customers

Dog sleeping on a scooter

Garbage collector on his early morning routine rounds

Tailor on his daily duties in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Old lady sewing some cloth in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Young boy sells vegetables in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A man feeds biscuits to a langoor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A langoor poses for a photo in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A puppy plays with its mother in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A eagle gives a striking pose in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A langoor eats a brinjal in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

A langoor eats a potato in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

This event taught me a simple thing, either we win, or we learn. I learnt that at times, having a a good shot is not enough, I must also learn how to weave that good shot into a story too. This gave rise to the concept of starting a new series of my shots, The Ones That Didnt Win.

Next up, something closer to home. Four of us spend an afternoon shooting portraits in a couple of coffee shops in the search of the elusive perfect DP. Keep an eye out, the photos shall be here shortly.


The ones that didn’t win – II

The minute you put a face in a photograph, you put a story to the photo. One must, maybe for just that one instance of the shutter click, relate to the face on the other side, know that person, know the story; this is my opinion while making portraits.


This old lady said shes been in business for the past 30 years and is quite happy with the income. She isn’t camera shy, just dedicated to her work. We managed to have a conversation in two different languages, she cant speak Hindi, and I, Gujarati, so the conversation was quite animated. Just out of frame is, who appeared to be her grand daughter, helping her with the rest of the vegetables. Oh yes, before I left, she gifted me a carrot 🙂
-Ahmedabad, 12/2016

This is a part of an ongoing series, posts of which can be viewed here.

Till the next story..

The ones that didn’t win – I

I have, till date, taken part in quite a few photography competition. Some I have won, some I haven’t. The ones in which I won, or at least got the photos exhibited, those photos got some of the limelight that I would have wanted them to get. But what about the ones that didn’t win? When I made those photos, I made them as dearly as the ones who won, so why should they not be shared ? They ought to be.
With this thought in mind, here begins another series of photos. One photo per post. Let me know dear readers about your take on the photos.


This photo here is of a man working on the kite strings. He has been in the profession since he was 16 years old and now he’s close to 50. What do his kids do? The daughter goes to school, and the son helps him with the business – Ahmedabad, 12/2016.


Moments from IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2016

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women are merely players”

When Shakespeare wrote these lines as the beginning of As you like it , there is no doubt that he had a theatre stage on his mind, not the blue screen of the movies, not the elaborate sets; just the actors, their voices, their emotions and their connect to the audience.
Ask anyone who has some knowledge of acting, how do you judge a good actor…one of the points that ll invariably come up is, how they perform in front of a live audience. Every single person who has been there on the stage shall agree that between facing the camera and facing the audience, the later is incomparably difficult. There are no retakes, and there are no prompts. When you go on that stage, its all you. Sure, there ll be some lights to set the tone, some music to give a cue, but there are no visuals to distract the audience, no scope for you to get away with a mistake for the audience shall spot you for sure and the finally, the most important, you shall receive your appraisal immediately, whether its a lacklusture clap to signify that the crowd is thankful that the act has come to an end, or a standing ovation to urge you go about it once more, it is completely up to you.

So, when I got an opportunity to work with Monks in Happiness to cover the IAPAR International Theatre Festival 2016, I didnt miss a beat in accepting the offer. My job was simple. Sit right in front of the crowd, blend in and shoot.
Following, are some of the shots:

 iapar-pune-2016-monks-in-happiness-39-1 iapar-pune-2016-monks-in-happiness-304

On the first day I attended, the play that I loved more than any other, Leaving Ziller Valley. A play about the struggle one faces to identify what home is. Julia Rosa Stoeckl being an exceptional artist made sure the play went right straight to the heart.



On my second day, Aditi Venkateshwaran, the head of admin, my point of contact there and an amazing danseuse, and three other wonderful ladies, performed a contemporary dance about rediscovering our own bodies.



The play that followed was an experience that shall stay with me for a long time. Confessions of a Mask by Theatre Russian Stage (Germany), was a Russian play, casting Andre Moschoi and directed by Inna Sokolova-Gordon. The play was visually stunning and for once I felt, language was no barrier at all to the understanding.





On the night of the finale, they had Tom Alter and Zia Nath performing to The Old Man At The Sea: A Whispered Fable by No License Yet (Mumbai). The retelling of the novella by Hemingway was so amazingly done that for once it didnt feel that I wasnt there on the boat with the old fisherman, watching him as he battles to turn his fortunes.



With these, the IAPAR fest 2016 came to an end and all I can say is, it was amazing. So, dear reader, the next time there is a theatre or a theatre festival  in your town, please take some time out, and go watch it. Often, you shall not regret spending those 90 minutes in the play.

I ll be off on a trip to Ahmedabad shortly. Hopefully I ll be back with some shots worth sharing. Till then…