Goddess in Progress

Saraswati Puja 2018 convened a few weeks back all across the country and abroad. Saraswati, being the goddess of knowledge and art, is cast into idols with care, affection and respect.

I was in Dhanbad, my hometown for a week, preceding the puja and it gave me an opportunity to capture the goddess being cast and in progress.

Saraswati Idol in progress

Rows of Saraswati Idols

Saraswati Idols waiting to be painted

Face of a would be goddess, Saraswati

Saraswati Idol

I was with one of my teachers whom I admire and look up to, Mrs. Chaitali Sarkar (CA Maam for the DPS Dhanbad alumni out there), who is now a Youtube Vlogger. She has an exceptionally pretty terrace garden and she lets you in on her secrets in her channel; check it out here.

Am still working on the next batch of photos from PetFed 2017. They shall be up soon.  Here is a link for the Part 1 of the same.