TTL: Delhi: Lodi Gardens and Bangla Sahib

These were the last two stops on our list, and there was a specific condition I had for the Bangla Sahib gurdwara, I wanted to visit it at night. So, we made it to the Lodi Gardens in the evening, and spent some time. The garden is quite mesmerizing and the tombs are simply beautiful.… Continue reading TTL: Delhi: Lodi Gardens and Bangla Sahib

TTL: Delhi: Ugrasen Ki Baoli and Rajghaat

Now that we were back in Delhi, the remaining few places on the list, we planned to visit them quickly. The first stop was the Ugrasen Ki Baoli. Also known as Agrasen Ki Baoli, this is a step well (baoli/bawdi) with 108 steps to the bottom. There are three different levels on which arches are… Continue reading TTL: Delhi: Ugrasen Ki Baoli and Rajghaat

TTL: Delhi: Tomb of Safdarjung

After being done with the Red Fort and the Lotus Temple on the previous day, the second day began with a visit to a old friend of mine. We had brunch and soon it was time to meet up with Tuhina, who would be my tour guide and model for the rest of my stay.… Continue reading TTL: Delhi: Tomb of Safdarjung

TTL: Delhi: The Lotus Temple

Post my visit to the Red Fort, I made my way to the Lotus Temple, on the other side of the town, using the metro. Well, I am all praises for the metro, for it is highly convenient and economic many times over than a cab or even the buses. The Lotus Temple is a… Continue reading TTL: Delhi: The Lotus Temple

TTL: Delhi : The Red Fort

Last week, I was at New Delhi, the capital city of India. It is an old city and has been a seat of power for various rulers over the history of India, most significantly, the Mughals. The first place I visited, was the Red Fort. Made using red sandstone by the emperor Shah Jahan, this… Continue reading TTL: Delhi : The Red Fort

TTL: Delhi II

Day 1 ended on a sad note, that I cracked my phone. But, Day 2 was happier, because, my replacement phone would reach me in some time. With a happy thought in heart, we left in the morning for Red Fort and Jama Masjid and other places like Lotus Temple and all. Except, it was Monday and… Continue reading TTL: Delhi II

Wandering through Delhi

Hi there readers, The prompt came up as Wanderlust 🙂 and they asked about the places which made me feel different and amazing. The place that comes up readily, will be Delhi. The hustle bustle, the crowd, the historic monuments, the food and uniquely, the company. It all amalgamated to be one of the most… Continue reading Wandering through Delhi

TTL: Alwar: City Palace

It had been a hectic week for me. Shifting to a new city, Mumbai, finding a suitable place to stay, joining my job at L&T Realty, etc. But finally, tonight, I can catch up and continue. So, after roaming about in Delhi for a couple of days, we booked a car, and were on our… Continue reading TTL: Alwar: City Palace

TTL: Ahmedabad over the weekend

A couple of weeks back, I was at Institute of Management, Nirma University, to take part in their annual fest. The location was at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I had never been to Ahmedabad, so I grabbed the opportunity and made my way there with a lot of anticipation. My trip was for just a couple of… Continue reading TTL: Ahmedabad over the weekend

TTL: Jodhpur

Finally, the last stop, Jodhpur, and from here, I turned back homewards.  I arrived at Jodhpur in the morning, around 7, and I had my train back in the evening. So, I didnt have a lot of time to spare. I chose to visit the Mehrangarh Fort only. I returned back with enough time to… Continue reading TTL: Jodhpur

TTL: Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, was the next stop for me. An early morning train took me from the Old Delhi (DLI) station to Jaipur (JP). I had been forewarned that Rajasthan would be hot. That too, in the summers and that it was the “Off Season” for a reason. Call it fate, call… Continue reading TTL: Jaipur