AtoZ Challenge: R – Red Eye Reduction

Red Eye Reduction The phenomenon of red eye occurs when the flash is incident on the eyes and gets reflected back by a dilated pupil. The eye’s pupil dilates and shrinks as per the need for an optimum eye sight. In case there is low light, the pupil dilates to let in more light, while it shrinks if there is excess light. When, in a … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: R – Red Eye Reduction

AtoZ Challenge: Q – Quality

Quality Today, we talk about quality of a photo. Not of what has been shot, but rather the format it has been shot on. In today’s day to day use, a full frame sensor can be considered to be the gold standard in terms of quality. But with increasing technological advancements, the crop sensors are catching up too. I used to use a Nikon D3100, … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: Q – Quality

AtoZ Challenge: P – Panning

Panning To pan is to move from side to side, holding a fixed vertical level. In photography, the concept is similar, except, this time, we try to match the speed of the subject, and the speed of panning, while controlling the shutter speed. The idea is to shoot slow enough to capture motion, while moving in the direction of the subject, at the speed at … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: P – Panning

AtoZ Challenge: O – Optical Zoom

Optical Zoom Zoom can be described as to close in on your subject. In a camera, it can be achieved in mainly three different ways. The first one is the basic one, which involves the photographer moving close to the subject. The second type of zoom is what we are going to talk about here today, optical zoom. It is when the lens within the … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: O – Optical Zoom

AtoZ Challenge: N – Normal Lens

A normal lens is one which produces images corresponding to the normal viewing span of a human eye. Generally this focal length is taken as 35-50mm. So, photos taken at focal lengths beyond the range are termed to be wide or telephoto and hence the wide and telephoto lenses. The 18-55 mm kit lens, despite popular disregard, is one the most versatile lenses out there … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: N – Normal Lens

AtoZ Challenge: M – Manual Mode

Manual Mode This is for the ones who want total control over the photo. You get to control your shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Based on the need, you can tweak whatever settings you need and you have complete set of settings right at your fingertips. Often, we hear that pros shoot only in manual mode, believe me, its just a fad. Pros know when … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: M – Manual Mode

AtoZ Challenge: L – Latitude

Latitude This is here is a term which is used to describe a range. Common usage being, a┬ácertain camera provides more/less latitude than another one. The range in question is the exposure range, over which one can produce acceptable results. The above photo is “As shot” +2 exposure value, while the one below is -1. So, one can say that the latitude from -1 to … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: L – Latitude

AtoZ Challenge: J – Juxtapose

Juxtapose We are aware of what contrast is. What if the contrast in the photo is not just in terms of light and colour, but rather in terms of physical objects? Then what we have done is juxtaposition. If done correctly, this is one of the best techniques to create a photo that shall speak volumes for itself. It might feel tricky at times, the … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: J – Juxtapose

AtoZ Challenge: I – Infinity Focus

Infinity Focus Often we hear the term “Infinity Focus” being used while shooting landscapes or during astro photography. What it actually means is, the focus plane to be such that maximum light rays which focus on the sensor shall be in parallel plane. While shooting landscape photos, we focus at a plane, where the infinity of the lens is within the hyperfocal distance; but while … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: I – Infinity Focus