Zoo visit

Hey there all,
As a kid, I really enjoyed the zoo visits. The tigers, lions and bears and crocks and all. As time went by, the zoo trips diminished, so here I was, free and had received the zoom lens very recently, so, off I went to the Banerghatta National Park on the outskirts of Bangalore!

Being majestic!


Some teeth she has!




He was camera shy!


White Poser!


Nice stripes!




In most of the photos I believe, you may be able to realize that there are square lines throughout, thats the netting of the safari vehicle. Since the lens was completely zoomed out, the thin steel wires dont make that big an effect on the photo to ruin it.

I ll be off on a tour of the hills soon, so blogging may be disrupted, but I ll try to make a post once a while…and when am back…you, my dear readers, will be happy with the posts am sure!


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