TTL: Darjeeling – Loco Special

This is a continuation of my trip to Darjeeling. How I reached here, and what I saw, check them here

Now, I was refreshed, and off I went walking back to the station. Now, there are two types of locos here, the Diesel one, and the heritage steam one.
The diesel trip from Darjeeling to Ghoom and back will cost you Rs 650 while the steam one, for the same distance will cost you Rs 1050. Be advised, there is pretty immense rush there, so book in advance.

Enough talk, now the photos!

In the service of the nation, since 1940


The Diesel! I wasnt too impressed by it!





Now we are talking!!


Some steam!



And…some more!!


One thing is for can never get enough of steam engines! They are simply wow!

Flora and fauna exploration, in the part II.


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