TTL: Jaisalmer – Fort and Bada Baagh

From Jaipur to Jaisalmer, it takes approximately 12hrs by train. The journey was eventful, in the sense that the external scenery shifted from a greenish Jaipur to a semi arid Jaisalmer. It is also referred to as the Golden City, owing to the color of the stones, which are golden in colour. Also amazing is the Jaisalmer Fort, which is one of the few forts, which are inhabited by people who are not of the royal family.

Jaisalmer, being close to the desert, and being in a semi arid region, is hotter and dryer than Jaipur and the other cities. Keep drinking loads of water, and you shall be fine.



View from the Fort of the City
The rooftops are often converted to tourist friendly cafes
Observant eyes!

Near the fort are some havelis, old palatial homes, built by erstwhile businessmen. Worth a visit, for the display of exquisite rock cut and marble carvings on the homes.

Elephant door at Nathmal Ki Haveli
Patwa Haveli

On the outskirts of the town are hamlets or villages. Famous of them is one called Bada Baagh. It houses cenotaphs of the royal family of Jaisalmer.

Cenotaphs at Bara Baagh


Generation Gap


Next up, are two more attractions of Jaisalmer, the Kuldhara village and the Sam sand dunes. Stay tuned 🙂


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