Birds of the same flock: Pune Bloggers Meet

Time and again, I have come across invitations of bloggers meet but have never managed to attend one. Reason being, none of them being organized in my city. So, this time, as I reached Pune, my first thing to do online was, to organize a bloggers meet.
Proper channels were used and the date was set. As for the venue, 11 East Street Cafe was my first choice. This is a cafe which I hold very close to Β my heart. A lot of memories and nostalgic emotions are attached. To avoid any issues coming up at the last minute, I went there personally and booked the slot for our meet.
So, here I was, organizing a bloggers meet, which would be a self sponsored one….it felt just too bland, too simple. So, I called up Zomato to see if they could pitch in something and they agreed. Now I was happy. I managed to get a major food review site associated with us too.
On the eventful date, it was an amazing event. We had bloggers from quite a large spectrum. And I dare say, I made some amazing friends, Vikram, Vibhuti, Tara, Aziz, Shubhashree and VatsalaΒ and the evergreen Rutuja.

Here are some of the photos from the amazing evening.

The amazing trio

It felt amazing to meet these wonderful people and to discuss the ways to improve. To me it was a great experience and am sure, the future meets shall have much more participation and we’ll make some more friends.
See you all in the next meet.




5 thoughts on “Birds of the same flock: Pune Bloggers Meet

  1. Owwh… this one is simply great!! I am glad you posted about the meet Kaustav, and like usual, the pics. talk louder than anything else. Super delighted to have met you and being an initiator for such good happenings is a respected badge to win πŸ™‚ Will be more here for fun! Chow

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