Empty and Eerie

Have you been to an empty house? The furniture covered, dust settled on them. Only the ticking of the wall clock. The floor creaks as you walk about and you get the feeling that though the place is empty, but you are not alone.
Now, imagine that being an entire village. Had it been thriving, it would have been the biggest village in the vicinity. Almost a hundred houses. All alike, and empty. No roofs remain, doors gone, and the people who called this place their home, have vanished.

This could be the perfect setting for some horror flick too. And this place exists very much on the map. I give you , Kuldhara. Dont be creeped out just yet.
A hamlet on the outskirts of the golden city of Jaisalmer, is this empty, and often referred as haunted village. There are more than a hundred houses and none of them are surviving in proper conditions. Folklore is that one night following decisions by the village elders, the entire village shipped out, with their belongings and also the temple idol, never to be found or traced again. All they left behind were the lores, the empty houses and a curse that no one will be able to stay in the village. True to the word, the village is devoid of any settlement, human or otherwise.
The feeling that you are being watched, is highly felt and a certain sadness fills you up as you see the ruins.

All that remains are just ruins!

This is also an example of double exposure shots. More to follow soon.


8 thoughts on “Empty and Eerie

  1. having been to Kuldhara, I felt that there is a urgent need to spruce up the place and make it tourist friendly. There are no signboards or guides to help you with details on history/explanations. The focal points are two buildings structures (one of them being a temple) which have been restored.

    • But bro, dont you feel if a lot of tourists go there to see the derelict condition of the village only.I mean, the folk lore does a bit of the publicity but the actual village condition gives the spooky feeling.

      • true..the idea I want to convey is that at least make the place friendly to visitors. after all, you need the story too…not just the visual part!

      • Hmm…you have a point too! The place does need some upkeep am sure. As long as they dont turn it into a fair, I shall be happy with any other improvement.

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