A Happy Place

Happiness, is subjective. Varies from person to person. We all have our special place where we feel happy. To me, happy place is one, where I can put my plans to action and can get desired results. The following shot has been taken at Lohagarh Fort, near Pune. The shot had been planned ages before and was awaiting a perfect location. On a recent trip with friends, the opportunity presented and the shot was taken. I was happy.



10 thoughts on “A Happy Place

  1. You were thinking about the shot from long? That’s sublime thought, and a sign of good photographer.

    • Thanks a lot. There are certain shots that I have pre conceived. This was one of them. It was one of the major reasons of going to lohagarh too.

  2. Nice shot. Did you visit Kaas this season? It would have matched the theme too. Happyness 🙂

    • Wanted to go to satara. But being on a budget, settled for this trip. Served the purpose. But I ll go to satara soon though.

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