Glimpses of Mumbai – 1

Mumbai, the city of dreams some say. I am here for a couple of weeks now, owing to an internship in one of the huge multinational companies.
Since am already here, its only fair that I should go out and go clicking, as and when I get some time.

These are some shots from the past few weeks.













In my limited exposure to the people here, I realized, the public is generally impassive about their surroundings and their neighbours. Everyone keeps to themselves and is bothered about just their own. Its not necessarily a bad thing, but then, I felt a certain lack of compassion in the air for the fellow being highly prevalent. I may be wrong, or maybe I just met people who were having a bad day. Whatever be it, Mumbai is different. Its true when people say, there are two ways of doing things, the normal way, and the mumbaikars’ way.

More to come, stay tuned:)



16 thoughts on “Glimpses of Mumbai – 1

  1. Having stayed in mumbai for quite some months, I feel that mumbaikars are immune to their surroundings because they are engrossed in their own schedules and life. I never liked much of Mumbai life, even though mumbaikars seem to praise their city and people to no end. I have been to many cities and I find their opinion slightly over rated.

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