New year…new targets

It has been ten days into the new year. Had this been a few years back, you would have found me going all bat shit crazy with photos of new year celebrations and fireworks and what not….guess I kinda became lazy 😛

Anyway, my dear readers, Happy New Year! Happy, for the fact that we are having a home to live in, we have clothes to wear, food to eat, some money to spend and internet to blog 🙂

On this first post of the year, I would like to share some stats with you.
My blog started in the late 2014. That year, I posted 33 posts. In 2015, I posted 142 and in 2016, 54. The viewership increased at 1064% in 2015 and 154% in 2016. Now, the numbers may seem  deceptive, but when you compare it against the number of posts, one thing becomes very evident, you, my dear readers, have liked my content. You have followed me, and you have come back for more. This, makes me happy. Thank you to all of you.

I have tried out a few themes, made some variations, clubbed categories, made new ones…now its time to evolve one more bit…to get a new domain. The steps towards the same are being taken and finalized as you read this post and hopefully, by the end of the first fortnight of the year, you shall see a new domain.

It is, with your continuous support and immense love, that I find the impetus to carry on. Thank you again.

Since, you read through the entire post, here are couple of pictures of a Golbat, which has kindly agreed to be my model for a few shots.

Pokemon Golbat cutout in light and shadow

Pokemon Golbat looming over a cup of coffee



We went shooting…

I don’t recall what suddenly came on to us, and four of us clambered on two bikes and made our way to a nearby coffee shop. I had my camera on me, and the other three were quite happy to be my lab rats, I mean, my wonderful models.

The day was glum, wanted to have a shot of someone brooding, retrospecting….thinking… quite like this..

Man thinking with a cup of coffee

We managed some though…

Woman with a cup of coffee with focus on engagement ring

Man sitting with a cigarette in his hands happily looking forward to future


Girl sitting in a coffee shop thinking of past

Man sitting in a coffee shop with cigarette in hand thinking about past

Man stirring a cup of coffee looking forward to the future

Man stirring coffee thinking deeply

Man sitting at the coffee table smiling

But what we got mostly, was pure fun.

Girl playing with her hair and smiling

Girl peeking from behind a guy and smiling


Girl sitting looking pretty has a smile wearing a beanie

Girl stirring coffee has a smile on her face

Three friends sitting and laughing over a cup of coffee

Did I get good shots? Absolutely. Was it a fun time, hell yes! This is the advantage of shooting with friends, you can talk, laugh and fool around to your heart’s content and still get lovely photos!

This time, next year, we all would in places which are worlds apart. Each pursuing our career, chasing life goals, being happy. So, I ll take this opportunity, in my last post for 2016, to thank each one of you. You, my friends, my followers here and all my readers who have visited my site, Thank You, you are amazing!

Take care all, see you in the new year.


Good days they were..

It has been sometime that I have left my job and am now a student. Being back at college is awesome, no doubts, but a little tiny part of me, misses those deadline oriented work at break-neck speeds, pulling 14 hours shifts when needed, looking forward to the Friday and Saturday nights….above all the friends I made 🙂
This post is to some of the best days of my life!



Assignments, tests and presentations have kept me busy pretty much. So I am reduced to the weekly posts and some occasional compilations. Soon though, I intend to make a trip to the nearby locations and come back with some mesmerizing shots.


TTL: Darjeeling II

Hey there all…

Continuing from Darjeeling station now!
I walked towards the Mall. En route, I stopped for a cup of refreshing coffee at a shop just past Das Studios. If you want to buy old photos or anything related to photography, this place is a good place to start.

Refreshing cup!

The road has shops lining it, selling woolens and other collectibles too.






Finally, the Mall. In the nutshell, its an open meeting ground of sorts. A balcony of sorts on one side, normally  used as a Durga Puja Mandap or for delivering speeches is on one side. Shops line the other side. There are two paths leading to Mahakal temple and the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and the Zoo. All three places are worth visiting. Bear in mind though, the HMI and Zoo follow a 1000h-1600h operating schedule.







Street shops near the Mall

The Mahakal temple is situated after a climb, not a lot though. You will not get any mountain views from there, but its serene and peaceful, right within a jungle of tall trees. Be advised, there are lots of monkeys here. But normally, if you do not bother them, they will not bother you.

Entrance to the Mahakal Temple


Prayer wheels, Mahakal Temple

As I returned from the temple back to Mall, I noticed this certain kid, posing to his father. I couldnt resist taking a few shots. I sent them the photos once I returned back.

 DSC_a-2471 DSC_a-2483

 On the route to the HMI and Zoo, I came across some local flora. This certain flower, a variation of Bougainvillea, it seemed, looked native and abundant there.

Local Flora, up close!


Local Flora II

On the way back, I again stopped at a roadside cafe, had a cup of coffee, a plate of Momo. The view from there, had there been lesser clouds, would have been amazing, but I had to be content with shooting this windchime in the sun.

Chime In!

Just before I left, I met with this local fauna! He was fluffy, and cute and was aptly named Bhaloo!

Local Fauna: Bhaloo


On the way back, I had another cup of tea at a stall in the Mall, and loitered around there, checking out the local shops to buy anything interesting. Ended up buying some handmade incense sticks from a shop.


Evening shopping spree


While coming back, I hit the Glenary’s. They serve awesome food in reasonable rates and is one of the best places to have a hearty meal. Do try it.

I returned back to the hotel, switched on the lights, and saw this, on the wall.


The Lucky Wall

I dont mind the kisses, but I wish they werent just on the wall though.

Anyway, with a wake up call scheduled at 0330h, next morning, i retired for the day. You may ask, why so early? Well, I was going to Tiger Hill the next day. Do I make it on time, see the sunrise? Find out in the next post. Coming up soon!