When Creativity Strikes…

With a little more than 20 years of experience in appearing for academic exams, there is one thing I can infer, with certain authority, creativity strikes precisely at the moment when you know you must study and not be distracted. Then again, not always do we take the sensible path, do we?
So, I happened upon a page from an amazing DIY page, The Bored Panda, and was going through the things you can do with a bottle of soft drink. The one that seemed readily possible to be made, was done, and here is the result.




This can be used as a vase to keep some fresh flowers on the table or the workstation, or you can use this to stuff your pens, pencils and general office stationery too. This was more of a proof of concept kind of experiment and am happy with the result. Some rough edges, no doubts, but I know how to make one of these, so, next time, it shall be much better.
Check out this page, i found it very useful 🙂 : Plastic Bottle Recycling Ideas

Gotta get back to studies! Cheers!!