At the Pottery Town

Hi all, While I was at Bangalore, with the 9 to 5 job, it used to be difficult to get time to out for photo shoots. But, once a while, like on this certain Sunday, I managed to make it to the Pottery Town in Bangalore. It looks like a sleepy part of the town but by around 10 am, people were up and about their respective business. This gave me a good opportunity to snap a few photos and also get to know the people there. Since they get lots of visits from the local photography clubs and individuals, they are pretty comfortable around the camera and quite like being photographed.

To the ones who are in Bangalore, go to this place to get some awesome photos. Its a little far flung, but the returns will be totally worth it. I shall be on my North East trip from 15th of this month. So, next post might be a bit late. But, if I manage to execute some of the plans I have, you are all in for some treats! Have fun, happy shooting! Cheers!!