Breaking boundaries with Siftr

As the word comes up, boundary, the first thing that strikes us, is a limitation, a control and a certain censorship. It can be physical, emotional or social but there is a restriction.  With this though in mind, I shot this.

A very familiar place, from a slightly unfamiliar viewpoint.

I would have posted it, and that would have been the end of it, but then, one of my friends asked me if I could put 15 of my best photos together. Now, we all have our favorite ones, maybe a couple, but best 15…that’s though. You ll need to sift through hundreds of photos if not thousands to find out which ones are the most appealing ones. Instagram needs to searched, Fb needs to be sorted and 500px and Flickr need to be peered into. And even then, we might not be sure if the ones selected are the ones that look the best. An easy solution must be there.

That’s where Siftr ( came into play. This unique website, created by ex-Adobe and ex-Samsung folks, is responsible for crawling through the photos of Flickr, Facebook Page (yup, the photography page, not your direct timeline)  and Instagram, with your permission off course and finding out the ones that have gathered the best views and most exposure and puts them in the forefront. The photos are neatly arranged into folders like Recent, Best Shots, Landscapes, etc and you have the total control of what is visible and what is not. Decluttering of photography is here. And the best part, I felt, it’s a self updating website. I don’t need to keep a tab on it to keep it updated.

Since, photography is an art we take seriously, and cannot let a machine decide what is good or what is not, the website provides an editor with wide range of customizations available too. The process of creation of a new personalized webpage is easy. You choose the platform you would want to be your primary one, mine is the instagram account. Then, while uploading a new photo, put in the tag as #getsiftr and that’s pretty much it. The autocrawler will find out your post and will respond back in the comment section within minutes. Then you get the link to your webpage. Login via the id of your primary account and you have the customization options right in front of you. The total time taken from uploading the photo to customizing and being happy with the product, 30 minutes at a maximum.

Have a look at my webpage here:

This, to me, is a breakthrough product and I am certain, that in the near future, this one shall shine. Give it a try, you’ll love it.