The filament first

Hey there! It was quite some time that I was not up to any creative shots! So today I decided that lets open up a bulb! Watched a few videos of how to safely open up the bulbs on the net, and off I went to execute my experiments.

The following shots are from today’s experiment.



The following shots are very close to my heart, as I pride myself on being able to time correctly to take the shots in the very limited time that I got to shoot the burning filament, with a very modest Nikon D3100. Modest in the sense that it does 3 fps on the continuous burst mode, and often the decisive moments are lost right between the frames.

But, if you time it right, you have 3 frames per second, you ll need only 1 frame to be correct for that awesome shot. I believe, I found mine šŸ™‚






The next photo is basically a filament on another. It does look a bit weird, I agree, but, it does the job just fine, and I am not complaining šŸ™‚


Stay hooked because in the next post, I do something of the shells too! šŸ™‚

Till then,



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