Reset: Start a new life!

Do you feel sometimes, that this life, the one you have right now is somewhat dull, somewhat boring, and you would really want to have a reset button? I do! I mean, I did! What changed, what made me reconsider, read on! And…if you manage to read till the end, there’s a photo and a nice video waiting too 😉

Post my schooling and I had three paths open, Engineering, Medical and BA in English. For the B.A, I was interested, it was my second choice, with preference to Engineering or Medicals. I managed to clear the entrances for BDS, not MBBS, and I wasnt ready to drop a year, so I took up Mechanical Engineering. I became a Mechanical Engineer.
Now, in the 4th year, placements loomed, and I felt, so what it’s an IT company, it pays fine, it’s a multinational too, it ll be fun! So…off I went away from my stream and I became a software tester, working on Mainframe systems!

For the ones, who are not familiar, I ll give a simple explanation. I changed from tuning engines and welding in the college workshop, sweating and greasy, to a formal clad, sitting in an air-conditioned office and basically checking computer programs if they work fine or not. It felt like a complete U-turn from what I had learnt and dreamt of doing. Anyway, it was my job, and I had to do it properly. I learnt programming too and I daresay, was good at it. I knew my job, and I knew how to do it well enough.
I used to pull overtime on the days that demanded it, and surprisingly I loved it. I loved the hectic schedule, the way we would live for the Friday and Saturday nights, how we would hate the Sunday nights and Monday mornings, I loved it all. What I didn’t like was the documentation and at times the repetitive stuffs we would need to do.
Maybe I was still on the “new job” high, but after 13 months of zooming through the office on chairs with wheels, I was getting restless.

This was when I decided, I need to reset my life to some time back. To a time from where I could pursue my stream again and not deviate much from it. This was, 6 months from now. I gave up my job, appeared for higher degree exams and got through to a Post Grad program in Project Engineering Management. That ll keep me in touch with my areas, and let me grow too. So, if everything goes fine, 4 months from now, I ll be at Pune, becoming a student again. But, hey…GATE results are around the corner too right 🙂

India win against Pakistan in ICC WC2015

Hope you don’t need a reset button in your life, and if you do, lets hope you find it soon enough!

Out with the old, in with the new!! Check this out!

Check the details right here


2 thoughts on “Reset: Start a new life!

  1. It’s great that you took the decision to take charge of your life and press that reset button 🙂 A lot of people shy away from big decisions like that! As for me, since I’m still not sure what I want from life (or what life would want from me!), I’m just happy there’s a reset button with all of us, to change our paths if we feel we must. 🙂

    • I agree with you, but then again, with time, the risks involved, the responsibilities, all add up, and more than shying away, people tend to be scared of the reset! Good luck to you too 🙂

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