TTL: Siliguri I

Hey there,
If you have checked my recent posts, you would know that currently am at Siliguri. Its a town within the state of West Bengal which is the passage to the 7 sister states of the North-Eastern states of India. There are hills, tea gardens lined around this place, and a cool-ish weather all round the year. And, I was born here too!

Anyway, this place provided me with perfect opportunities to try out the street photography skills. As I soon found out, the people here are happy to get clicked and even happier when you show the photo. As with most places in India, the ladies are a tad camera shy and, unless you know her well enough, no point pushing it. So here are my shots.

The buds are in for the Mango season!


The narrow gauge line from Siliguri to Darjeeling


Taking a break!


Waiting for customers


Eggs 😀 Lots of em!


Marble carving!


Marble carving II



Few more shots of the compilation coming up soon!

Stay tuned!


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