April AtoZ Challenge : PH

Hi there,

I remember doing a 5 day black and white challenge, but that was in my pre-blogging days, maybe someday I ll post them too. Anyway, this time, I have signed up for the April AtoZ Challenge, and well, its going to be a bit tricky I feel. Mostly because finding 26 different, doable photo topics is a difficult thing. For example, the letter “X” … the only photographic instrument i can think of, with X, is a X Ray machine…but I ll come up with something I guess!

Something that I wanted to say, right before I begin, this series may contain previous works too. Some might repeat as already featured in other previous posts, but I ll try to keep things interesting and put up different photos for sure. The posts will normally deal with the different photo lingos and I ll try my best to keep them as simple, short and crisp as I can, actually, I ll try to keep my content to less than 100 words…that should keep things interesting πŸ™‚

Do come over during April 2015, and find the new posts, everyday, for the next whole month.





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