AtoZ Challenge: PH – C: Composition

for Composition

In photography, composition means placement of subjects in a manner that makes the photo speak up. The common techniques being –
1. Rule of Thirds: Dividing the entire frame in 3×3 boxes, we keep the important subjects lined on the lines or the intersections. More, here!


  1. Leading Lines: Lines, single or parallel, straight or curved, which lead the view of the observer from one part of the photo to the next.


  1. Leaving space: The subject should have some space to look, ride, fly, etc. into, within the frame.


  1. Break the rules, and shoot the way that makes you feel content!

This is part of April AtoZ Challenge. A, B, C done! 23 more to go. Follow me!


11 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge: PH – C: Composition

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