AtoZ Challenge: PH – B: Bokeh

for Bokeh

Japanese origin word for blur in the background of a photo. Used widely as an aesthetics tool in the photograph to give it a dreamy smooth out-of-focus background. With decrease of the Aperture number, the bokeh effect becomes more distinct and profound. The shapes formed in the bokeh of light sources, varies on the number of blades within the lens. Bokeh can be used creatively by use of filters to produce specific shapes in the photo.

Some Bokeh shots here. For information on aperture, check here. And for the use of filters, check here.


This is part of April AtoZ Challenge. A , B  done, 24 more to go! Follow me.


15 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge: PH – B: Bokeh

  1. I love your theme for the month! I’ll definitely be checking back. I used to be a photography, but started as a hobby so I didn’t know all the technical stuff, just how to get a great pic. I knew about bokeh though – LOVE using that and seeing it in photos!

    – Allison

    • Thanks a lot Allison! I have also started photography as a hobby, but, yes, i have spent quite some time to get to the technical details too! I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts too 🙂

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