AtoZ Challenge: The Glossary

The AtoZ Challenge has already come to an end for the second time, and as a result, now a glossary of the terms can be made. I believe this shall come handy for future references! A – Aperture, Artificial Horizon B – Bulb Mode, Bokeh C – Colour Temperature, Composition D – Double Exposure , Depth of Field E – EXIF Data, Exposure Bracketing F – … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: The Glossary

Glimpses of Mumbai – Nana Chowk, Grant Road

In my previous post, I mentioned that I take a tiny hop to a place to shoot a very particular signal, well, this is the one. Whats so special about it, you may ask, well, it was a pre decided and pre conceived shot. I knew the angles, knew the locations, just went in and took the shot. Here are the results. The first photo … Continue reading Glimpses of Mumbai – Nana Chowk, Grant Road

10 Hacks to stunning portraits

Photographs are generally classified on terms of locations, themes, stories they depict, subjects they focus on, so on and so forth. As the multitude of classifications exist, so are the personal favourites. My favourite is portrait. The main objective of the portrait from my point of view is to portray certain emotion, or a certain feeling through the photo.  My model should be the point … Continue reading 10 Hacks to stunning portraits

AtoZ Challenge: PH – B: Bokeh

B for Bokeh Japanese origin word for blur in the background of a photo. Used widely as an aesthetics tool in the photograph to give it a dreamy smooth out-of-focus background. With decrease of the Aperture number, the bokeh effect becomes more distinct and profound. The shapes formed in the bokeh of light sources, varies on the number of blades within the lens. Bokeh can be used … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: PH – B: Bokeh