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April AtoZ Challenge: PH – U: Underexposure

for Under-exposure

The photographic condition, when enough light is not received by the photo, we term it as an under-exposure. The overall photo appears to be darker and needs corrective tweaking in post processing. Most likely causes being high shutter speed and/or small aperture values. In some cameras, the RAW files capture more details in the shadows than in the highlights, hence having an under exposed photo is more usable than an over exposed one. When in doubt, under expose the scene by one stop, that’s my suggestion.



This is a part of April AtoZ Challenge. Rest of the preceding letters can be found here.


6 replies to “April AtoZ Challenge: PH – U: Underexposure

  1. Had a look at this via the A to Z challenge. My knowledge of photography begins and ends with my phone and iPad cameras! But I used to work on newspapers and I have worked with some wonderful photographers. I am really envious of people who have that talent to take a great picture. I’ve had a look around your blog and you have some brilliant photographs on here.

    1. That is wonderful! I realized that I lovr it, and could do some shooting after I graduated as a mechanical engineer and served in the industry for a year. I am in persuit of a masters degree in management though. Right now, it stays a hobby, maybe someday, it ll turn into something more serious! 🙂

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