April AtoZ Challenge: PH – T: TTL Metering

for TTL Metering

TTL is for Through The Lens. This is a type of auto metering where the camera decides the exposure values and white balance etc based on the incident lights, measured through the lens, hence the name. It is also used for flash metering, where a pre flash is fired and the response acts as the deciding value for the flash power. In a fix, Auto mode works fine, but often we want more control and this setting is left untouched. Do explore it though, might come handy someday.




This is a part of April AtoZ Challenge. The other letters can be found here.


6 thoughts on “April AtoZ Challenge: PH – T: TTL Metering

    • Me too, but here, i wasnt gettinf enough time to change settings, so… No flash auto came to the rescue.
      Thanks for the compliment! This is at Varanasi. There are lots of photos of varansi in a previous post… Do have look when you have some time 🙂

  1. These shots are beautiful, well done. I do a little photography myself, but not nearly the same level as you. I’m going to look more at your blog, excellent.

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