AtoZ Challenge: T – Tonal Range

Tonal Range This can be defined as the range of tones, both coloured and black and white which span from the lightest to the darkest areas in the photo. A photo with a wide tonal range shall have areas which exhibit dark areas and white areas while the ones with a narrow range shall have more of gray shades. The photo above has a a … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: T – Tonal Range

Water , a lot of it!

This photograph is one, where it becomes quite evident that we, as individuals are quite tiny, when compared against the vastness of the natural wonders. Here we have a fisherman, ready for his daily tour for his catch, floating away on the river Ganga. Shot at Varanasi. The entry is in reference to Blogging University: Developing your eye prompt water and scale. Cheers!! Continue reading Water , a lot of it!

April AtoZ Challenge: PH – X: X-Process

X for X-Process (Cross Process) This is a throwback to the old film processing days. Cross Processing was a case when developing solutions for a certain type of photo was used, either by mistake or intention to a different one. The results used to unpredictable and fairly in consistent, and in a lot of cases, made the photos distinct and appealing. Now, with softwares like Picasa and … Continue reading April AtoZ Challenge: PH – X: X-Process

April AtoZ Challenge: PH – T: TTL Metering

T for TTL Metering TTL is for Through The Lens. This is a type of auto metering where the camera decides the exposure values and white balance etc based on the incident lights, measured through the lens, hence the name. It is also used for flash metering, where a pre flash is fired and the response acts as the deciding value for the flash power. In a … Continue reading April AtoZ Challenge: PH – T: TTL Metering

Early Bird

Early Birds are often lucky. In terms of seating positions in conferences, bus seats, parking spots, catching the worms, virtually everything. Also, in photography. Try reaching a spot early in the morning, with the sun not yet shining brightly and the morning calm still being present, and you will see the spot in a completely new way. The following shot, was at Varanasi. I left … Continue reading Early Bird

Rule of Thirds

Hi there all, I love it when the weekly photo challenges are a bit theoretical in nature. This week, its the Rule Of Thirds. I am sure you all have come across this rule, by choice or not. Check out the challenge page and other responses here. Lets just begin. Divide your frame into 3 parts, horizontally and vertically and then keep your most important … Continue reading Rule of Thirds