Fresh…and pretty!

Hi there,

When in a bit of doubt, about what to shoot, or just taking a bit of time off, and yet, you dont want the stats bar to be a dead flat line….shoot for the weekly photo challenge. This week, its fresh!




The black background, was almost naturally achieved by using the cellphone’s flash on the flowers to light it up. And then, a little bit of tweaking always helps.

Check out my posts on a recent trip I took….it got snow covered mountains, and steam engines too 😛

Happy shooting!


Reward: Peace!!

Hi there all,
Another Weekly challenge response post! Am liking these prompts! Keeps us on our toes often.

So Reward, to me is something that satiates me, makes me happy, gives me peace!

I love to drive, and a road like this, is always very rewarding!


And, it doesn’t end there. You know you are being rewarded, when you see this skyline out of your window.


Currently, am at Siliguri, West Bengal, working on a story! Internet access is slow, hence, the long absences. Do bear with me, the wait will be rewarded 🙂


Rule of Thirds

Hi there all,

I love it when the weekly photo challenges are a bit theoretical in nature. This week, its the Rule Of Thirds. I am sure you all have come across this rule, by choice or not. Check out the challenge page and other responses here.

Lets just begin. Divide your frame into 3 parts, horizontally and vertically and then keep your most important subjects on the intersecting points of the grid or on the grid lines. Remember the grid option in your phone’s camera, yes, thats the grid for this superb rule. And try to avoid the center block.

When we align the photos suitably, you ll notice almost immediately, that the look and feel of the photo changes and becomes much more pleasing and natural to the eye. Go ahead try it.
Here is an example of the rule.


Here, the bird on the foreground is almost in the left third, while the one in the background is on the right thirds. The opposite river bank is in the upper third.

This is one of the most common rules which immediately makes your photo look better.

Similar concept right here too.


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Happy shooting!




I love it when interesting topics come up as weekly photo challenges. This week, its scale.
Scale, as I understand, is a comparative tool, to describe how big or small the object in question is, to another!

Here I go, depicting a simple size comparison! Hope you like it! 🙂

The blue devil!


The Red Thunder

Yes, I like funky names alright!! And now…….

Thundering the Devil!

Keep shooting and have fun while you do it!




This was a weekly prompt that I could put up without much issues.
Now, depth, can be about anything, I take it as Depth Of Field, my favourite depth that is, yet :p

Depth (of field, at a minimum)
Depth (of field, at a minimum)

In case you are wondering what this is, this is a sugar bowl at the Cha Bar at the Oxford, Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Happy clicking, cheers!