AtoZ Challenge: L – Latitude


This is here is a term which is used to describe a range. Common usage being, a certain camera provides more/less latitude than another one. The range in question is the exposure range, over which one can produce acceptable results.

Mumbai Skyline, Clouds, Sun

The above photo is “As shot” +2 exposure value, while the one below is -1.

Mumbai Skyline, Clouds, Sun, Silhouette

So, one can say that the latitude from -1 to +2 for the camera. The definition is subjective and shall vary from person to person and on their opinion on what acceptable means to them.
Latitude is not the same as Dynamic Range. DR is the range in which, either in highlights or in shadows, details can be obtained before they white or black out, respectively. They are instead related in the manner that, a sensor with a higher dynamic range shall produce photos which have a wider latitude. I had covered basics of High Dynamic Range photos earlier, here!

Last time, L was for Lens Distortion.

Go ahead and produce some amazing photos, and let us all know about it.


The ones that didn’t win – III

Here is one from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

During my trip to the desert the last year, I was there in June, peak summer, hence off season.

So, for a camel ride that costs about ₹1200 normally, I got it in ₹400. They posed too 🙂

Camel and Man in Thar Desert India shot in silhouette

The series continues, rest can be found here.


Glimpses of Mumbai: Bandra – Worli Sealink

So, my quest of shooting the icons of Mumbai continues in this post too. In the earlier posts, the Tulsi Pipe road, Haji Ali Dargah, Chor Bazaar and the Queen’s Necklace have been covered. This time, it is the ₹1600 crore worth engineering marvel, the Bandra- Worli Sealink. The shots have been shot from the Bandra Fort, in company of Dipanwita, and the other shots are from the Dadar beach, in company of Tanisha, both amazing photographers in their own rights.
I was asked recently by a friend, what I do in my spare time?Well, I post process my photos! 🙂







Next up, I go to Grant Road, and shoot a very specific chowk. Keep an eye out for the results.

Glimpses of Mumbai – 2

It has been almost a month at this business hub of India. In my earlier post on Mumbai, I said, people appear to be distant, and that they bother about their own business mostly. Well, that feeling hasn’t changed. A certain respect has come up for the people who manage to squeeze into the suburban trains in the peak hours. The Hanging Gardens, Mahalaxmi Temple, Haji Ali Dargah are the places that have got ticked off the list. The Chowpatty is a must go place for the kulfi and falooda loving public. As for the beach, okay, its fine, too crowded for my liking. The area near the Banganga Tank, was different. It looks as if the place is still stuck in time, do visit it if you happen to be in the Malabar Hill area. Now, the photos.








Next post is about my experience in the famous Chor Bazaar. Stay tuned 🙂


TTL: Jaisamer – Sam Sand Dunes

Now, for the final point of attraction of my Jaisalmer trip, the Sam Sand Dunes. These sand dunes are a part of the Thar desert, that exists on the western side of India. Dust storms, fine ever-shifting sand, camels and along with them, tourists, all are found in plenty here. Almost all the places to stay in Jaisalmer offer day and/or night trip. The day trip is generally made up of a trip to Bada Baagh, Kuldhara Village and wrapping up with sunset in the dunes. Camel ride charges extra. The camel safari kind, is the overnight type. Here you shall be picked up in the evening and watch the sunset and have a camel ride. Then you shall be escorted to camps set up within the dunes, have local food, enjoy folk dances, and then retire under the stars, within the tents. Next morning, they ll drop you back to your hotel.  The prices are negotiable, and it helps a lot if you have good rapport with your hotel owner.

Now, I give you, Sam Sand Dunes! Enjoy!

Sunset silhouette


The shape-shifting sand!




An advantage of going to this place, this hot, dry desert in the off season is, the lodging and entertainment, namely camel rides are immensely cheap. As per my driver, yes, I had a personal driver and an AC vehicle to myself for two days, the camels now would cost around  ₹200, I paid ₹300 though, while during the season, about August to March, they charge about ₹1500-2000 and still there are shortages for camels. Also, dune bashing on the Mahindra Thar is available. I was tempted, but they wouldn’t let me drive it, so…not interested.


My train at the dead of the night would take me to Jodhpur next. See you there, on the next post.


TTL: Delhi II

Day 1 ended on a sad note, that I cracked my phone. But, Day 2 was happier, because, my replacement phone would reach me in some time. With a happy thought in heart, we left in the morning for Red Fort and Jama Masjid and other places like Lotus Temple and all. Except, it was Monday and all the monuments were closed. A little disheartened, we went directly to the Jama Masjid, which was open, thankfully.


Jama Masjid from the courtyard

Post Jama Masjid tour, we returned to the hostel, to find my phone waiting there already. Happy, the next outing was to the corridors of powers of the Indian govt. namely the Parliament complex and India Gate.

Ministry of Defence
India Gate
Amar Jawan Jyoti



The India Gate has special place in the Indian hearts, as it houses the tomb of the unknown soldier and pays respect to all those who have been lost in battle. The eternal flame, Amar Jawan Jyoti can be seen blazing.

With this, my Delhi trip came to an end. Next stop being Jaipur, Rajasthan.



Blood Moon and some more…

Hi there,

If you followed the news, yesterday, i.e 4th of April, 2015, there was a lunar eclipse. The eastern part of India, the 7 sister states and the Andaman Islands, they got the view of  the complete penumbra to penumbra eclipse, but where I reside, it was more of a glimpse of the umbra and then the waning penumbra. Nevertheless, I perched myself up on the tallest rooftop I could find in the vicinity, and waited. The scheduled time for moon-rise was approx 1800 hrs, I was there from 1645h. No way was I going to miss that 🙂
Reaching early had a benefit. I set up my tripod, and got ready with plenty of time still left. And I managed some sunset cloudscapes too.



 DSC_a-2909 DSC_a-2924

Once the sun set, the scanning of the horizon began, and finally, around 1845h, the generally pearly white, but temporarily red orb came into view. I shot many photos, but later found just this one to my liking of the blood moon.


Later, I continued with the shots of the eclipse for some more time. And then by 1900h, I came back. Then later at night, I shot a few more with the clouds passing over. Despite the noise in the photos, somehow, they seemed very soothing and peaceful.







I would like to try some more moon photos, but with a lens with a bit more reach. Till then, am satisfied with these. Happy shooting.


Reward: Peace!!

Hi there all,
Another Weekly challenge response post! Am liking these prompts! Keeps us on our toes often.

So Reward, to me is something that satiates me, makes me happy, gives me peace!

I love to drive, and a road like this, is always very rewarding!


And, it doesn’t end there. You know you are being rewarded, when you see this skyline out of your window.


Currently, am at Siliguri, West Bengal, working on a story! Internet access is slow, hence, the long absences. Do bear with me, the wait will be rewarded 🙂


New Year :)

Another year gone! A year which had more of dips than the ups in whole. Settled in a new city for the greater part of the year, made some friends, developed a few crushes….met some disappointments too. The good things … got my first camera, got appreciated at work, started the blog…not bad in total. Anyway, thats past, wont come back and the year hasnt been that awful that it would come back to haunt me…so…am done with it. For the new year, I hope to obtain new educational qualifications, some new camera gears, lots of views and comments on the posts and a lot of opportunities to explore and experience the world.

Enough with musings. This photo was shot yesterday as I was returning home via the highway. I love the way the cooling towers of the power plant give boundary to the scene. Shot on aperture priority mode on my zoom, lowest ISO. Hope you like it. Happy New Year to my dear readers, and I hope that this year, is better than the previous 🙂