Glimpses of Mumbai – Nana Chowk, Grant Road

In my previous post, I mentioned that I take a tiny hop to a place to shoot a very particular signal, well, this is the one. Whats so special about it, you may ask, well, it was a pre decided and pre conceived shot. I knew the angles, knew the locations, just went in and took the shot. Here are the results. The first photo … Continue reading Glimpses of Mumbai – Nana Chowk, Grant Road


I dont take selfies often, but when I do, they are a bit…shall we say….uncommon!!   I saw a similar photo while browsing through the internet, and creating this was not tough at all. Two separate images merged in photoshop, thats all. This is an example of Double Exposure though. Some cameras, the high end ones offer this function in body, others, like me, we … Continue reading Peekaboo!!