Proof of Concept!

So my dearest cousin showed me a photo. It looked awesome and had clever use of photo editing tools too. She said, “Bro, how is this done? Can you too do it?”
I got the concept all right, but was a little skeptical. Still, no harm in giving it a shot! A little tweaking and a few repeats down, I got the proof of concept shot pretty clear.

This one, is for my dear cousin 🙂



Photoshop, really is amazing! 🙂



Some refer them as the basic elements, some as Mahabhuta. The alchemists believed them to be the basic elements and the relegious and spiritual texts mention them to be important for the paths to salvation. They are:

Air, representing the qualities of expansive and repulsive forces

Fire, representing the qualities of heat and energy

Water, for the qualities of fluidity and relative motions

Earth, for the qualities of solidity and attraction

I give to you, the Tattva



The post name has been suggested by the extremely talented Miss. Tuhina Mitra, thank you!


Bored?? Lets shoot!

Heyy there all, I’ve been busy studying for some exams and hence got little time to shoot and even lesser time to put up a blog post. But now, I got some time, so here goes.

Finding inspiration to shoot is a tricky thing in the first place, and to do that often, its kinda tedious too. But, suppose you are lazing in the noon and suddenly you want to take some photos which are not very common and also, you do not want to leave your home. What do you do??

I took a few tea bags. Snipped their heads and made them stand and set the top on fire. This is what I shot. You too try and post your shots.





Oh..I almost forgot to say…the bag flies away right in the end if you do it right. Have fun!