AtoZ Challenge: T – Tonal Range

Tonal Range This can be defined as the range of tones, both coloured and black and white which span from the lightest to the darkest areas in the photo. A photo with a wide tonal range shall have areas which exhibit dark areas and white areas while the ones with a narrow range shall have more of gray shades. The photo above has a a … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: T – Tonal Range

AtoZ Challenge: Q – Quality

Quality Today, we talk about quality of a photo. Not of what has been shot, but rather the format it has been shot on. In today’s day to day use, a full frame sensor can be considered to be the gold standard in terms of quality. But with increasing technological advancements, the crop sensors are catching up too. I used to use a Nikon D3100, … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: Q – Quality

AtoZ Challenge: O – Optical Zoom

Optical Zoom Zoom can be described as to close in on your subject. In a camera, it can be achieved in mainly three different ways. The first one is the basic one, which involves the photographer moving close to the subject. The second type of zoom is what we are going to talk about here today, optical zoom. It is when the lens within the … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: O – Optical Zoom

AtoZ Challenge: N – Normal Lens

A normal lens is one which produces images corresponding to the normal viewing span of a human eye. Generally this focal length is taken as 35-50mm. So, photos taken at focal lengths beyond the range are termed to be wide or telephoto and hence the wide and telephoto lenses. The 18-55 mm kit lens, despite popular disregard, is one the most versatile lenses out there … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: N – Normal Lens

AtoZ Challenge: J – Juxtapose

Juxtapose We are aware of what contrast is. What if the contrast in the photo is not just in terms of light and colour, but rather in terms of physical objects? Then what we have done is juxtaposition. If done correctly, this is one of the best techniques to create a photo that shall speak volumes for itself. It might feel tricky at times, the … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: J – Juxtapose

AtoZ Challenge: D – Double Exposure

Double Exposure The origin of this interesting bit of art probably occured when someone, while shooting film, forgot to forward the roll to the next empty slot. As they shot, the already exposed negative got re-exposed and the photos superimposed creating something interesting and Voila! double exposure is born. Now a days, we dont need to fiddle with the films, maybe just a bit in … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: D – Double Exposure

AtoZ Challenge: C – Colour Temperature

Colour Temperature Hot objects emit radiation. If the radiation were visible, say visible light, what would be the temperature of the body emitting the radiation? For example, for soft white light, it is accepted that the body must be at about 3000K. This 3000K is the colour temperature. The usefulness of this knowledge in photography? Immense, unless you want to spend hours in the darkrooms … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: C – Colour Temperature