AtoZ Challenge: Q – Quality


Today, we talk about quality of a photo. Not of what has been shot, but rather the format it has been shot on.
In today’s day to day use, a full frame sensor can be considered to be the gold standard in terms of quality. But with increasing technological advancements, the crop sensors are catching up too.

I used to use a Nikon D3100, which would start graining up at ISO 800, while now, in the D7200, ISO 12800 is still quite grainless. In comparison, Nikon full frame, D750 shoots excellent shots at ISO 25600 without a hitch.
Then there is the JPEG vs RAW war raging. JPEG is fine if you abhor editing or have to submit the shots on a very short notice. RAW is amazing for pulling out details which may have been originally not visible.

In the end, it shall all come down your application and use. Here, on this site, every single photo, is less than 1 MB in size for I am not using them to print, but while printing, I go for the uncompressed 28/30 MB photo.

Tell me what are your preferences in the comments!

Last time, Q was for Quiet Release.


April AtoZ Challenge: PH – Q: Quiet Release Mode

for Quiet Release Mode

I ll be truthful about it, I couldnt find any other describable photography related word with Q, so here goes. Quiet Release Mode is a shooting mode, available in Nikon DSLR bodies, not sure about the others though, which significantly reduces the sound of the shutter slap. It may be used in sensitive environments, such as in a museum, or when taking a close up of a sleeping beast maybe. It acts similar to the single shot mode, but is a bit slower too. In my camera, its the least used mode.



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