AtoZ Challenge: C – Colour Temperature

Colour Temperature Hot objects emit radiation. If the radiation were visible, say visible light, what would be the temperature of the body emitting the radiation? For example, for soft white light, it is accepted that the body must be at about 3000K. This 3000K is the colour temperature. The usefulness of this knowledge in photography? Immense, unless you want to spend hours in the darkrooms … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge: C – Colour Temperature

How I did it : The Pup Story

Hi all, A few days back, I had put up a request on the community pool for some feedback on my photos and posts. I want to thank you all who fed me back with the valuable comments and appreciations, Thank you! One of the suggestions I decided to follow immediately, from Teresa of ScienceAlcove ¬†was, being a bit more descriptive of my photos. Check … Continue reading How I did it : The Pup Story

The Pup Story

Hi there! I ll begin with stating a more than less true statement…”we all love young ones”. Some like young human babies, some like young kittens, baby goats and cows are very cute too..and some, like me, puppies! They come in various shapes, sizes, colour and temperament too, but one thing that they all are, very very cute. In India, stray dogs are mostly considered … Continue reading The Pup Story