Water , a lot of it!

This photograph is one, where it becomes quite evident that we, as individuals are quite tiny, when compared against the vastness of the natural wonders.

Here we have a fisherman, ready for his daily tour for his catch, floating away on the river Ganga. Shot at Varanasi.


The entry is in reference to Blogging University: Developing your eye prompt water and scale.



One from the old shots of mine. I knew this one would be useful someday somewhere 🙂

Enjoy the weightlessness!



Boon or Bane?

Hydel power plants are the new age necessary evils. On one hand, they give clean renewable energy, while on the other hand, they may cause environmental effects, and at times be fatal too.

Here, the river bed was a trickling stream about 5 minutes prior to the shot. Then, in an instant, the check dam’s water valves were opened, and nature unleashed her pent up energy in the form of the raging river, it once was. A couple of kids got washed off, and eventually rescued. By me, water, is one of deadliest forces of nature.


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Keep shooting!


Some refer them as the basic elements, some as Mahabhuta. The alchemists believed them to be the basic elements and the relegious and spiritual texts mention them to be important for the paths to salvation. They are:

Air, representing the qualities of expansive and repulsive forces

Fire, representing the qualities of heat and energy

Water, for the qualities of fluidity and relative motions

Earth, for the qualities of solidity and attraction

I give to you, the Tattva



The post name has been suggested by the extremely talented Miss. Tuhina Mitra, thank you!



An ongoing trend amongst  the photographers is nominating each other for various different photo ops, recently, the black and white. I got nominated too by my brother..who is an awesome photographer himself. I put up my share of black and whites but today, I thought of trying to mix two of the classic shot techniques and styles. The black and white and the falling ink drop. I let one photo be in color, while the couple more in black and white. Its a good way to kill some time for sure. And the swirling patterns do make interesting shapes too. This set is from my first attempt….I ll revisit this and put up better , more dramatic shots soon.

  DSC_6025-2      DSC_6028-2


More shots and a very useful DIY coming up soon!