Some refer them as the basic elements, some as Mahabhuta. The alchemists believed them to be the basic elements and the relegious and spiritual texts mention them to be important for the paths to salvation. They are:

Air, representing the qualities of expansive and repulsive forces

Fire, representing the qualities of heat and energy

Water, for the qualities of fluidity and relative motions

Earth, for the qualities of solidity and attraction

I give to you, the Tattva



The post name has been suggested by the extremely talented Miss. Tuhina Mitra, thank you!


13 thoughts on “Tattva

  1. Beautiful presentation of Earth Wind Fire and Water. I’d like to see the background a little lighter so my attention focus e’s on the contents of the glasses. The darkness could be because I’m viewing it on my cell phone!

    • Thank u for the feedback! I didnt have the proper set up, hence i let the background be as dark as it can go without compromising rest of the photo. I ll keep it in my mind to improve the contrast so that the foreground pops right out 🙂

  2. Amaaaaazing! I absolutely LOVE that picture! It’s perfect as perfect can be. And the words to go along with it are fantastic. Also, the first thing I knew I’d write here (when I arrived at your blog page) was the wonderful name you’ve given your post. Well, you may convey that to Miss Mitra. 🙂 A wonderful post! I’m glad you directed me here. 🙂

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