Proof Of Concept: Levitation

So, when someone asked me if I could make some tricks with the camera, I said, lets see. So, here I am, making my dear brother, who is holding the Tamron 150-600mm monster, levitate.


Dont worry, no dark arts at play here. Its a very basic case of merging and two photos, shot at the same location, same settings and then a case of precise masking. Try it out with different backgrounds and poses, for much more amazing results. Below are the two basic files that had been used for the shot.



Go stun someone, cheers!!

Aim High

Keep your head up, aim for the moon, and you shall reach the top of the world.



The photos have been shot in collaboration with Mayukh Haldar, who owns the behemoth of Tamron 150-600mm lens.

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