New Year :)

Another year gone! A year which had more of dips than the ups in whole. Settled in a new city for the greater part of the year, made some friends, developed a few crushes….met some disappointments too. The good things … got my first camera, got appreciated at work, started the blog…not bad in total. Anyway, thats past, wont come back and the year hasnt been that awful that it would come back to haunt me…so…am done with it. For the new year, I hope to obtain new educational qualifications, some new camera gears, lots of views and comments on the posts and a lot of opportunities to explore and experience the world.

Enough with musings. This photo was shot yesterday as I was returning home via the highway. I love the way the cooling towers of the power plant give boundary to the scene. Shot on aperture priority mode on my zoom, lowest ISO. Hope you like it. Happy New Year to my dear readers, and I hope that this year, is better than the previous 🙂


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