Wall…with a few big pores!

Walls! Maybe one of the most common things we build apart from relationships. The way I see it, with every new relationship, we build a new wall of a kind. Physical, emotional, but a wall, a barrier, a fence, nevertheless.

Lets break free from the fences and leap towards the other side…the grass is greener on the other side, right? Lets go find out 🙂

The fence and the “other side”


Reward: Peace!!

Hi there all,
Another Weekly challenge response post! Am liking these prompts! Keeps us on our toes often.

So Reward, to me is something that satiates me, makes me happy, gives me peace!

I love to drive, and a road like this, is always very rewarding!


And, it doesn’t end there. You know you are being rewarded, when you see this skyline out of your window.


Currently, am at Siliguri, West Bengal, working on a story! Internet access is slow, hence, the long absences. Do bear with me, the wait will be rewarded 🙂