Blood Moon and some more…

Hi there,

If you followed the news, yesterday, i.e 4th of April, 2015, there was a lunar eclipse. The eastern part of India, the 7 sister states and the Andaman Islands, they got the view of ย the complete penumbra to penumbra eclipse, but where I reside, it was more of a glimpse of the umbra and then the waning penumbra. Nevertheless, I perched myself up on the tallest rooftop I could find in the vicinity, and waited. The scheduled time for moon-rise was approx 1800 hrs, I was there from 1645h. No way was I going to miss that ๐Ÿ™‚
Reaching early had a benefit. I set up my tripod, and got ready with plenty of time still left. And I managed some sunset cloudscapes too.



ย DSC_a-2909ย DSC_a-2924

Once the sun set, the scanning of the horizon began, and finally, around 1845h, the generally pearly white, but temporarily red orb came into view. I shot many photos, but later found just this one to my liking of the blood moon.


Later, I continued with the shots of the eclipse for some more time. And then by 1900h, I came back. Then later at night, I shot a few more with the clouds passing over. Despite the noise in the photos, somehow, they seemed very soothing and peaceful.







I would like to try some more moon photos, but with a lens with a bit more reach. Till then, am satisfied with these. Happy shooting.


12 thoughts on “Blood Moon and some more…

  1. These are beautiful–that long morning wait really paid off. Sometimes we admire photographs without having any idea of the amount of thought and preparation that’s gone into them. Thanks for the behind the scenes peek.

  2. Nice moon shots.

    I especially liked photos 2 and 4. In two you have a gorgeous sunburst, number four is spookily evocative … must have been lovely to watch as it all unfolded~!

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