AtoZ Challenge: PH – E: Exposure Bracketing

for Exposure Bracketing

This is the raw material for the slightly advanced HDR (High Dynamic Ratio) photos. Suppose, in a landscape, if  we correctly expose the sky, the foreground is dark, and if we meter the foreground correctly, the sky is washed away. Instead, we take a series of photos exposing the various parts correctly, then we combine them in photo-editing software, and we have a composite photo, where everything is exposed correctly. Be careful though, aperture, focus and white balance must not change during the series. In some cameras, its an inbuilt function, others vary the shutter speed.

Optimum exposure minus 1 stop


Optimum exposure


Optimum exposure plus 1 stop



Resulting HDR photo

This is a part of the April AtoZ Challenge. A, B, C, D, E are done. Rest to follow. Follow me and have fun.



13 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge: PH – E: Exposure Bracketing

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