AtoZ Challenge: PH – F: Focus Stacking

for Focus Stacking

Situation: My usable DOF is less than what is needed to cover my entire subject. Increasing the DOF will rob the dreamy effect and I don’t want that. What to do?

Solution: Use focus stacking.

We shoot a series of photos with focusing on the nearest point of focus of the subject and keep shooting till we reach the end of it, changing the focus, bit by bit every time. Then, we combine them and have a composite photo, where the subject is sharp. The background doesn’t change because we don’t change any camera settings here.

DSC_a-2869 DSC_a-2870 DSC_a-2871 DSC_a-2872 DSC_a-2873 DSC_a-2874

Stacked up and contrast boosted composite

This is a part of April AtoZ Challenge. A, B, C, D, E, F are done. Rest on hot pursuit.

16 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge: PH – F: Focus Stacking

    • Thanks Bob! I hope you ll stray from the auto mode and explore the other modes too! As for the plant, it belongs to the Garden Croton variety!

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