5 directions for the Streets!

Street photography is always recognized as a challenging and equally rewarding venture. Its an adventure and often requires a certain skill to get the shots  right. It is difficult to put into words what shall make you a successful photographer on the streets, but practice and patience are a couple of sure shot ways to learn. My experience in street photography has taught me a … Continue reading 5 directions for the Streets!


This was a weekly prompt that I could put up without much issues. Now, depth, can be about anything, I take it as Depth Of Field, my favourite depth that is, yet :p In case you are wondering what this is, this is a sugar bowl at the Cha Bar at the Oxford, Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Happy clicking, cheers! Continue reading Depth

TTL : Kolkata I

Beginning with this post, I am introducing a new category in my blog, the TTL (Through the lens) series. This will be a document, a testament to the places I visit and the photos that I found interesting there. In this debut post of the series, I put up the first part of my Kolkata, West Bengal, India tour. Its the capital city of West … Continue reading TTL : Kolkata I