What type of photog am I?

A question has been often posed at me, what kind of photographer am I? Today, I ll try to answer it.

I am in pursuit of photography with some seriousness, for the past two and a half years now. My peers, who had started along at the similar time, have become specialized. Some shoot only portraits, some are landscape guys while some are wildlife fellows. They have expanded their arsenal with better bodies and lens…and then there is me.
I have not managed to settle down to just one genre yet.
I like shooting portraits.

 DSC_4403  DSC_5801-13

Also enjoy shooting landscapes.



I am not averse to shooting macro




And even the streets appeal to me just fine.




And sometimes, I do shoot purely technical shots too.



I guess, I am just not cut for the strict regime of just one type of photography. Some might say that I am straying and that I must stick to a certain genre, but I’d rather shoot things that appeal to me,even if they belong for different genre. It brings out the me in the photos. This my calling, whats yours?

If things go according to plan, as they rarely do, next week, I shall be travelling to Velas, Maharashtra, to visit the tiny turtles hatch and make their maiden journey to the sea. Stay tuned.


13 thoughts on “What type of photog am I?

  1. You found your genre …. photographing things from your heart. A specific genre is great as along as it is your calling. Keep listening to your heart. I myself am more like and shoot everything. Somethings better than others. I really adore flowers but I have never restricted my to only taking photos of flowers. The world is fun, fascinating and the world consists of landscapes, people, cities, street, big things and small things. Keep your eyes and heart open and see where it takes you.

  2. U r versatile nd do everything with great elan. I love yr pictures. There’s a story to every click. Let me know abt yr plans to velas. R u going solo or accompanying some group. Pls PM.

  3. Hi Kaustav, what matters the most is you enjoy whatever you do. For me photography is a moment when I get to compose and share my story with the world – be it landscapes, portraits or street photography. Although I’m not exceptionally good at any

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