What is bliss, if not the absolute happiness that you feel when you gaze at the rising sun and spread out your arms in the wind to welcome the warmth? Or gaze at the sea shore and see the clouds part, just a tiny bit to let the sun’s rays shine?



These are my takes on Natural World and Bliss for the Blogging University: Developing Your Eye I and II.


A New Day

When it comes to being optimistic, there is no better symbol to the feeling than an impending sunrise. The glow is there, yet the sun is not yet visible. We know that with the advent of the new day, our demons shall be slain and we shall have a fresh start.


Good morning dear readers!!

The colony of gulls

Anyone, who has visited the ghats of Varanasi, during the sunrise and the early morning, they might have seen the colony of gulls swimming flying and frolicking about. For the ones, who haven’t had the opportunity yet, have a look here.



Whats amazing is that these gulls respond to being called at for food.  For more shots of Varanasi, including some amazing evening Arati shots, click here.

With exams approaching at speeds faster than I would like them to, its time for me to scale back on the blogging and get studying….but not before I post the most recent trip I had to Lonavala. Night shots, shooting stars, blinking aeroplane lights and some more. Stay tuned.


Chasing the sun

There are some people out there who manage to greet the sun often, not me though. I wake up by the first rays of the sun, not before it though. So, when the plan to go greet the sun came up, it was too good to be passed over.

Before I tell you where I went to catch the sunrise, let me share some photos.




Now, honestly, tell me, what do you think, where am I? I ll share some more…






I can put a safe bet that a lot of you think that these have been shot at a hill station. Instead, the location is about 30 kms away from Pune. These shots are from the Singhagadh fort.
Located at the hill top at an altitude of about 1400mts above sea level, this served as a fort for the Maratha rulers. Now its a popular spot for weekend trips. Light treks and amazing natural beauty. Have a look at the rest.









Immense thanks to Aishwarya for waking up at 0500 and joining me for the trip along with his bike 🙂
Next up, some of the best portrait photos I have shot till date. Stay tuned. They ll be up shortly 🙂


Happiness is….

Often, we say, we are happy, or that we are sad. The definitions vary as to what is happiness. There are a few which we all agree by, and then a few eccentric ones too.

To me, happiness, is a lot of things, and I ll try to name a few. Rather, let me show you what I mean.


Happiness is, getting the view of a snow covered peak, while coming down from Tiger Hill, Darjeeling. The morning views from the viewpoint was obscured by clouds, and as we were returning towards Ghoom, the clouds cleared for just a bit, and we saw the peak.



Happiness is, when you take a burst shot at the sun, to capture the sunrise, and instead of the photo everyone took, you take an unique one, which adds character to the photo. Here, it is at Tiger Hill, Darjeeling. As the sun came up, people clamored on to take the shot of the sun. I was on the other side, trying to capture the mountains, lucky and happy, that I got this.



Happiness is, when you dream of how a shot would look, and then when you go to the spot, you actually manage to take the shot, just the way you wanted. Shot at the Darjeeling station. The diesel loco pulled in with the train, and the steam loco backed up to change tracks. I stood right in the middle, anticipating. I took three shots, and all three are spot on.



Happiness is, having a cup of tea after a long tiring day. This is at Siliguri, West Bengal.



Happiness is, when you manage to take a photo which is perfectly composed and has a lot of depth and character to it, and that it is pre mediated. This was shot at Varanasi, UP. I saw this fisherman start rowing into the river, and I ran up a flight of stairs to a vantage point. With the morning sun coming up, and the paddles ready for the next swipe, I took the shot.



Happiness is, finding a playful pet. This here, is Blacky. With one floppy ear, she is a beauty and a very playful one. Though she isnt my pet, but, after an introduction, we were happy to be in each others company. I would scratch n cuddle her, and in return, she would give me poses for the shots. Fair deal.



Happiness is, finding your old toys in perfect condition. Here are two of my oldest surviving toys. And, they still look awesome as ever.



Happiness is, working carefully and obtaining a tough result correctly. Here what you see is a burning filament of a bulb. First, salvaging this from the bulb is a feat, and then, the burn lasts for approximately 2 seconds, and then getting the perfect shot, that makes me happy.


 DSC_a-0357 DSC_a-0266

Happiness is, meeting up with friends and catching up after a long time gap.


Psychedelic 4

Happiness is, creating trippy psychedelic photos out of almost nothing. This here, is smoke, used cleverly, thats all.



Happiness is, have a dream come true. To be able to shoot the Ganga Arati at Varanasi had been a lifelong dream. To be able to capture a shot like this, is a very proper fulfillment of the dream.



Happiness is, looking beyond the fence and moving on!

This is my take on happiness, and happiness deserves celebration too. Check the celebrations here:


All the photos are mine, and they have been sourced from these pages….I, II, III, IV, V, VI , VII, VIII and IX. Do check them too, if you please.
I told you what makes me happy, you tell me what makes you happy!

TTL: Darjeeling III

As my cellphone started playing the acoustic version of Coldplay’s Shiver, I woke up. Time on the clock..0330h. Nice! On time!

Got dressed up and ready and I met up with the rest of the cab-mates to the trip to Tiger Hill. The cab would take us to Ghoom, and back. I would get down at Ghoom and head back to my base camp, at Siliguri.

A point to note, if you are interested to go to the hill in the morning, you must book your cab the previous day evening. Normally, the hotel where you stay will assist. And yes, go early if you want a decent spot. It gets very crowded really soon.

Anyway, we made it there by around 0545, sun being scheduled to rise at 0600h. Clouds dominated the scene and disappointment loomed absolutely like the dark clouds.

This is morning 0545h

I jostled around, trying to make a bit of space for myself, just in case the sun came up good and I managed some shots, just in case.

And then, the clouds moved away, just a bit though, but enough I feel.

The sun!


All wanted the sun!


Loved the Phablet.

As for the sunrise, this is all you can see…and frankly, the “sunrise” didnt impress me much.

But this did!


The Kanchenjunga, I think!




I loved the view of the mountains and the way the clouds moved about. Also, as an after thought, maybe visiting the Tiger Hill, a little later in the day, around 1000h, would have been better. The sun would be brighter, less crowed, and the reflections on the peaks much more clearer. Need to verify this idea actually.

On the way back, a few more shots which made me happy.

Same peak, different Viewpoint



The fence, and the peak



Eventually, we reached Ghoom and I parted ways. Took a few shots at the Batasia Loop and then, flagged a taxi and slept in it till I reached Siliguri.

Batasia Loop Memorial


Shopping on the loop



View from the loop

So, this is how my trip was of Darjeeling. I hope you liked the series. The rest are here – D1, Loco and D2.

Next trip?? Not sure yet, but I have a few plans 🙂

See you all back in TTL again soon.